Grab your friends. Strike a pose. Snap!

Everyone loves photo booths.

Whether it’s a wedding party, or company event, the photo booth is fantastic entertainment for any event. Everyone will receive a memorable thing packed with wonderful memories spent with family and friends.

As a result, many companies are now jumping on this trend. Just do a Google search, and you’ll find so many photo booth services to choose from. Today we will tell you the different photo booths for rental we offer to meet the client’s needs.

Let’s go through them.

Standard Photo Booth: This is the most common type of photo booth that offers different sizes of prints, such as 4R and wallet-sized prints.

GIF Photo Booth: GIF photo booths have been rising in popularity, and are probably the second most popular type of photo booth. They’re most commonly printed as photo strips, but can be printed as holographic prints too.

Video Booth: The video booth often works by compiling two or three brief films of your guests into a single, longer video with background music.

180º/360º Photo Booth: These photo booths work by setting up an array of cameras in a semi-circle or circle, to capture pictures from a different angle and give special effects.

Each photo booth might have slightly different variants and features, and the best way to find out more is to contact us today.

Open or Enclosed Photo Booth: The open photo booth is the most popular choice for most occasions. They’re quick to set up, don’t take up much space, and are usually more affordable than enclosed booths. You’ll be able to see other guests having fun at the booth, and that helps to draw a crowd.

The enclosed photo booths come in different designs. Many are inspired by the early automatic photo booths. These can provide guests with privacy, particularly for those who feel shy before the camera.


Are you planning an event with a large number of guests? You should have a photo booth that is not only efficient but speedy to deal with your guests. So that more people can use them, standard and Boomerang-style GIF picture booths can turn around quickly.

Types of Prints

  • Standard prints. Offered by the large majority of photo booths, they come in different sizes—such as 4R, photo strips, and wallet-sized prints.
  • Flip-books. Unlike others, we offer flip-books that contain a series of photos. When flipped rapidly from one page to another, the photos will appear to be animating—just like a video.
  • Holographic prints. Are you looking for a different experience for your guests? You might want to consider holographic prints—where you can see your GIFs come to life on paper.

We can support any event as we are backed by the rapid printing speed equipment & technology.

Sharing Options

Unlike others, our photo booth rental can send digital files (photos or videos) to your email or phone—so that you can get your GIFs on-the-spot, for viewing and sharing. Do you want to see all of the photos or videos? We help you upload things to a web gallery or Facebook after the event.

Options for Customization

We offer a customization option for our photo booth rental. We have the photo frame, the backdrop, and the props to customize the thing as you desire. This is usually sufficient for most events. Are you looking for more customization? Don’t hesitate to talk to our team.

We’ve summed up the different types of photo booths! Why not hire it to explore the features that it might offer. Each event is different, and you should prioritize the features according to your requirements. Are you looking for a hassle-free photo booth experience? We offer the best photo booth rental with all assistance till the end. You can go for our fully-automated, self-service photo booth as well.

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