Why Hire A Photo Booth for Corporate Events?

Whether it’s a party, a conference, a seminar, or a casual gathering, everyone loves taking photos and preserving them for a lifetime. Why not capture all the fun in the form of photographs that will stay with you forever? Does the idea sound good?! Then, you are in the right place!

If you want your next corporate event to be an instant hit, hiring corporate photo booth rentals is the only way to go. In the age of social media and filtered selfies, keeping your employees thoroughly entertained throughout the event is a task,but with a good photo booth,you can make the experience exciting, fun, and memorable for all. And your party will be the talk of the night!

Hiring A Photo Booth for Corporate Events

At Pic Click Photo Booth, we hold a specialty in making sure your guests hear your brand message in detail. That’s why our photo booths will be the ideal ice-breaker entertainment for every corporate event.The employees will get an instant print out of the photographs and share them on social media with a unique hashtag for the event. These photos will be the best visual, keepsake that your guests and employees will take with them.

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Why go for corporate photo booth rentals for your next event?

There are numerous reasons why a good photo booth will turn your corporate events into a home run.

A great marketing idea: Photo booth rentals are a great marketing tool for the business. Not only are they fun and interactive, but can also promote your brand and business easily. Every photo taken and shared on social media will help your brand to reach a wider audience instantly. Clients on social media will see you trending, thus easily building consistent brand recognition.

The perfect icebreaker: Sometimes it can be awkward approaching people and instantly interacting with them. The photo booths are the best way to break the ice and get familiar with your guests! It makes people feel more comfortable and encourages them to get involved. With this booth, you can easily start conversations without any hesitation.

Ideal for team building: Photo booths are fun and exciting. You can convert your corporate event into an exciting one with our photo booth. Your employees will interact more and this will promote a stronger team.They will enjoy taking group photos and having something tangeable to take home at the end of the event.

Unique and memorable experience: A great  photo booth for your corporate events will leave an awesome impact on your audience. They will remember the enjoyable experience of your event. At Pic Click Photo Booth Rental, we guarantee your guests will have a “blown away” memory of your event/party.

Corporate Event Photography Offers:

  • On Site Printing – Great guest keepsake
  • Customized User Screen – You dream it, we make it
  • Photo Album for Booth Photos – Guests can share the love
  • Premium Backdrops – Choose your own!
  • Unlimited Usage – We keep your guests happy
  • Customizable Photo Booth Strip Design – Designed to match your theme
  • Online Gallery – Every photo of your special day
  • Text Sharing- Share your day with the world
  • Photo Filters – Sepia, Color, or Glam Black & White

If you are still in a dilemma and want to know more about how a photo booth for corporate events will be a valuable addition, visit picclickphotobooth.com today.

Event Photo Booth


We know that options are important. We have developed a product that allows the event photographer to print on site for those guests who would like to take something with them. We still offer the edited photos after the event!You can also reach out to us at 242-565-5414 or 954-623-7424.